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Contacted by them and when I said that the investment did not make sense I was of course called by another salesman who said the first guy was no longer with the company ( it is usually that or he is a trainee who has not been with the company to learn anything but is still asked to call 'customers'.

Various promises , usually contradicted in another statement or when questioned, are made. These involve reputable British companies buying air time ( phone minutes ) from a company in Russia ( since changed to South Africa ) set up recently but strangely for a major international company has no telephone number and has yet to make an annual financial report. Considering the claim that this company has been operating like this for years tells its own story!

A letter of credit is assured - initially claiming that the money never leaves Britain - that is until you explain why that is impossible. Then of course the story changes and payment is expected to be made to another company ( also with poor reviews of the same owner / directors / connections / past history ) allegedly under the banner of RBS. This bank can change so it would appear that the major international company is unsure who they bank with! One can't ask them as there are no contact details available yet for this fledgling but rapidly growing international company.

Strangely enough I was asked how much I wanted to invest and what return I would like. There was an immediate opportunity matching these figures - what a coincidence!

The crunch came when I was told the contract was sealed when I returned the paperwork - and all details would be sent after.

Then I was told that the Letter Of Credit from the bank ( whichever ) would not be sent to me but I could see a photo of something if i wanted to !

The chances of this being genuine could be 99% but it would require a minus sign in front of it.

Preferred solution: Just a desire to help others is sufficient for me..

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Sterling and Bond Response

Dear Review 562958

We would like to stress that your information is incorrect our client has nothing to do with any company in South Africa.

Also we do not have trainees within our company all our investment managers have a proven tract record within the industry .

Our investors pay into The Royal Bank of Scotland which is the receiving agent for our client.

We can send all information to our investors if they ask including MD details, CEO details and companies books.

As you have not left your contact details on here and are anonymous we have no way of contacting you.

If you would like to call our office our Managing Director would be more than happy to meet with you.

Leicester, Leicester, United Kingdom #907182

By another strange coincidence the phone number for S&B in London is the same as the one they list for Voiptel in Cambridge.

Probably nit picking or taking due diligence too far !

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