These pair of clowns were in Malta last year trying to start a fund. Neither of them can sell Keith is a jumped up little prat who knows nothing and Andy is a little sneak who feeds off of the crumbs of others.,

They owe thousands to People in Malta.

Anyone looking for Millhouse and want their money that he has stolen. The last I heard he's in Cypress. His son works for Hull FC,, Look him up.

As for Andrew Nash, Milhouse will have dumped him and he'll be a loose cannon now. He has no skill, he's just a ligger

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San Jose, California, United States #1183653

I gave Sean Thacker 50,000 sterling, he told me that i would earn 12% a year with his FX software. he told me he put a stop lost at 35,000.

What a utter lair, he lost all the money never took my calls anymore I have been trying to trace him since. I was last told that he was sunning it up in Malta last year on!!

This man is a *** man! and scam artist!

did not employ him and do not give him any money!

Brighton, England, United Kingdom #1168975

anybody know where Sean Thacker is? i have this office address but no one is ever in Flat 1, 2 Hanover Place Brighton BN2 9SD

or he is hiding.

I lent him 3,000 pound last year.

He know will not take my calls, he said he was trading and would have money coming in. I just want my money back.



Cork, Cork, Ireland #1167200

Sean Thacker!! Complete ***.

i worked with this *** at GCI Capital, they guy can't trade, account manage or sell.

He loses all the clients money!!

if he is working at your company just get him out. he is a negative cancer!!


So far the man behind Voiptel International Keith Milhench also know as Keith Millhouse


Keith Milhench (that is his real name) however he goes under Keith Millhouse.

He has opened a company called Great Ocean HK Holdings Limited www.gohkh.com selling scam Forex.

Now this is a scam company well what else would it be.

Keith Milhench also know as Kieth Millhouse left investors in London and overseas shocked when he did a runner with just over 2 million pound stopped paying there returns and was never heard again. He is currently working with a company called www.topfx.com.

We phoned topfx and a lovely lady told us that Keith Millhouse as he is known to them is living in limassol Cyprus.

And we should contact his website should we need to get hold of him. We are investigating further to catch Milhench.

Hove, England, United Kingdom #1161650

This guy Sean Thacker can't trade to save his life, he host me 50,000 USD lied has no money. Do not trust him.


Sean Thacker from Brighton and Hove use to own Polaris Trading Partners until he went to prison for scamming people. He was sentenced to 18 months.

to Anonymous #1400249

Sean Thacker did not go to prison as he was in Malta at this time


Polaris Trading Partners

Great search engine results. Thanks FPA.

Sean Thacker, David Rose, and Polaris

I know they read this stuff.

It can all be turned around to a positive if they do the following.


Compensate me for my loss of $26,000 that was incurred by their failure to honour my drawdown limit. 2. Make arrangements with their current broker Swiss PB, or another broker that the broker will automatically action any future drawdown limits as soon as they are triggered. 3.

Start trading with stoplosses on all trades and in a way that allows the stoplosses to be seen on the client's screen.

4. Agree maximum position sizes in order to control risk.



Sean Thacker from Brighton scam artist




yes also they had a guy called Sean Thacker from Brighton. He said he was a trader.

This guy stole from all the staff in the office came in drunk what a looser!!!

He lost all the money from the investors do not employee him as a trader he can not even run a market stall.

Sean Thacker from Brighton.

to Anonymous #1161479


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