Sterling And Bond - Malta and Money Owed


These pair of clowns were in Malta last year trying to start a fund. Neither of them can sell Keith is a jumped up little prat who knows nothing and Andy is a little sneak who feeds off of the crumbs of others.,

They owe thousands to People in Malta.

Anyone looking for Millhouse and want their money that he has stolen. The last I heard he's in Cypress. His son works for Hull FC,, Look him up.

As for Andrew Nash, Milhouse will have dumped him and he'll be a loose cannon now. He has no skill, he's just a ligger

Reason of review: Poor customer service.


San Jose, California, United States #1183653

I gave Sean Thacker 50,000 sterling, he told me that i would earn 12% a year with his FX software. he told me he put a stop lost at 35,000.

What a utter lair, he lost all the money never took my calls anymore I have been trying to trace him since. I was last told that he was sunning it up in Malta last year on!!

This man is a *** man! and scam artist!

did not employ him and do not give him any money!

Brighton, England, United Kingdom #1168975

anybody know where Sean Thacker is? i have this office address but no one is ever in Flat 1, 2 Hanover Place Brighton BN2 9SD

or he is hiding.

I lent him 3,000 pound last year.

He know will not take my calls, he said he was trading and would have money coming in. I just want my money back.


Cork, Cork, Ireland #1167200

Sean Thacker!! Complete ***.

i worked with this *** at GCI Capital, they guy can't trade, account manage or sell.

He loses all the clients money!!

if he is working at your company just get him out. he is a negative cancer!!


So far the man behind Voiptel International Keith Milhench also know as Keith Millhouse

Keith Milhench (that is his real name) however he goes under Keith Millhouse.

He has opened a company called Great Ocean HK Holdings Limited selling scam Forex.

Now this is a scam company well what else would it be.

Keith Milhench also know as Kieth Millhouse left investors in London and overseas shocked when he did a runner with just over 2 million pound stopped paying there returns and was never heard again. He is currently working with a company called

We phoned topfx and a lovely lady told us that Keith Millhouse as he is known to them is living in limassol Cyprus.

And we should contact his website should we need to get hold of him. We are investigating further to catch Milhench.

Hove, England, United Kingdom #1161650

This guy Sean Thacker can't trade to save his life, he host me 50,000 USD lied has no money. Do not trust him.


Sean Thacker from Brighton and Hove use to own Polaris Trading Partners until he went to prison for scamming people. He was sentenced to 18 months.

to Anonymous #1400249

Sean Thacker did not go to prison as he was in Malta at this time


Polaris Trading Partners

Great search engine results. Thanks FPA.

Sean Thacker, David Rose, and Polaris

I know they read this stuff.

It can all be turned around to a positive if they do the following.


Compensate me for my loss of $26,000 that was incurred by their failure to honour my drawdown limit. 2. Make arrangements with their current broker Swiss PB, or another broker that the broker will automatically action any future drawdown limits as soon as they are triggered. 3.

Start trading with stoplosses on all trades and in a way that allows the stoplosses to be seen on the client's screen.

4. Agree maximum position sizes in order to control risk.


Sean Thacker from Brighton scam artist



yes also they had a guy called Sean Thacker from Brighton. He said he was a trader.

This guy stole from all the staff in the office came in drunk what a looser!!!

He lost all the money from the investors do not employee him as a trader he can not even run a market stall.

Sean Thacker from Brighton.

to Anonymous #1161479

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Sterling And Bond in Dubai, Dubai - SCAM ARTISTS!!!!!! AVOID THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!


I have had the great displeasure of speaking to Sterling & Bond! i spoke to some junior broker or some muppet who wants to make a quick Dirham, he made absolutely no sense!

he was talking about and broaching a subject he clearly had no idea.. i also know Andrew Nash (CEO) from his time @ Zest2 recruitment (another poxy scam company) - if his plastic surgeried skin & terrible breath isn't enough to scare you off completely, his scams and dishonourable sales tactics will! he promised me a 12,000 AED basic salaried opportunity and got me to waste my day to come to his offices & then he sells me a commission job selling carbon credits! ABSOLUTE ***..

I hope these scammers @ Sterling & Bonds get closed down sharply. Its a great shame that these *** companies even exist in Dubai

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Sterling And Bond in Leicester, Leicester - Further proof of scam

With Company response

Contacted by them and when I said that the investment did not make sense I was of course called by another salesman who said the first guy was no longer with the company ( it is usually that or he is a trainee who has not been with the company to learn anything but is still asked to call 'customers'.

Various promises , usually contradicted in another statement or when questioned, are made. These involve reputable British companies buying air time ( phone minutes ) from a company in Russia ( since changed to South Africa ) set up recently but strangely for a major international company has no telephone number and has yet to make an annual financial report. Considering the claim that this company has been operating like this for years tells its own story!

A letter of credit is assured - initially claiming that the money never leaves Britain - that is until you explain why that is impossible. Then of course the story changes and payment is expected to be made to another company ( also with poor reviews of the same owner / directors / connections / past history ) allegedly under the banner of RBS. This bank can change so it would appear that the major international company is unsure who they bank with! One can't ask them as there are no contact details available yet for this fledgling but rapidly growing international company.

Strangely enough I was asked how much I wanted to invest and what return I would like. There was an immediate opportunity matching these figures - what a coincidence!

The crunch came when I was told the contract was sealed when I returned the paperwork - and all details would be sent after.

Then I was told that the Letter Of Credit from the bank ( whichever ) would not be sent to me but I could see a photo of something if i wanted to !

The chances of this being genuine could be 99% but it would require a minus sign in front of it.

Preferred solution: Just a desire to help others is sufficient for me..


Sterling and Bond Response

Dear Review 562958

We would like to stress that your information is incorrect our client has nothing to do with any company in South Africa.

Also we do not have trainees within our company all our investment managers have a proven tract record within the industry .

Our investors pay into The Royal Bank of Scotland which is the receiving agent for our client.

We can send all information to our investors if they ask including MD details, CEO details and companies books.

As you have not left your contact details on here and are anonymous we have no way of contacting you.

If you would like to call our office our Managing Director would be more than happy to meet with you.

Leicester, Leicester, United Kingdom #907182

By another strange coincidence the phone number for S&B in London is the same as the one they list for Voiptel in Cambridge.

Probably nit picking or taking due diligence too far !

Sterling And Bond - Money Investing Review from Bishops Stortford, Hertford

Bishops Stortford, Hertford

Lost £10k with sterling and bond, they're a complete scam. Victor falade like the guy mentioned before is the mastermind behind everything



I know where these people are,, Andrew Nash and Keith Milhench , get in touch at - if you want to know

to Anonymous Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates #1172421

LOL......who cares.

Sterling and Bond Review

1 comment

I normally write about my experience with regulated markets and entities but I have decided to pick the alternative investments market and a particular firm that I have had amazing experience with called "Sterling and Bond".

Firstly its important to understand an alternative investment which is a very different type of investment class and it is different from your traditional stocks, shares and bond. This market comprises of projects and ideas that are non traditional and can help investors make money and in many cases beat the market per say.

I came across them when looking to put some of my savings in other more meaningful ways to invest and found their company. At beginning I had doubt about them but slowly started build relations with the manager assigned to me and his manager whom I also spoke very frequently (due to privacy concerns I am not mentioning names). To better cover my experience with them I have decided to break it down into three key areas which below I have tried to cover in three different paragraphs.

Customer Services: Firstly the very first area I would like cover is the brilliant customer services I got from the word 'GO'. Initially correspondence was all based on the phone and later emails. The response time was unbelievably quick and all of my emails were responded in detail answering all my concerns.

Investment Medium: The second important area was the medium they advised me of investing into the VOIP investment. It has been great for me they have managed to make me returns on all the intervals they promised me to and never has a return been late, I did not expect them to beat my other investments in-terms of returns but they have been regular and paying on-time.

Ongoing Relation like a Family: Finally the most key important area has been me being able to constantly speak with them and get feedback even on matters that sometimes are not directly related to their product and are at times other products. Their honesty and service has won my heart.

My Rating to them out of five: 4.5



lol what a load of bollocks I had an interview with this company, full on boiler room scam ran by two idiots. They offered me the job and I obviously turned it down.

Sterling and Bond - 14% return monthly return

Ilkley, England
With Company response Not resolved
Customer service
Diversity of Products or Services
Privacy and Data Security
Product or Service Quality

I am slightly bemused by all these negative posts regarding SB. Surely it is all about the clients not all these negative ex employees etc.

I invested in May 2014 and I have received my returns on time and have been allocated a helpful and effecient account manager. To be honest if I had read all these posts before I invested I probably wouldn't have invested. However that would have been a bad decision.

The problem with these sites, a bit like the trip advisor situation, is that there are too many people with vested interests who by posting negative, malicious and defamatory comments negate the whole purpose of these sites.

Reason of review: Upset with the posts .

Preferred solution: I would like to hear from investors rather than people with grievances .

I liked: Returns received.

I didn't like: Aggressive competitors.


Sterling and Bond Response

We thank you very much for your feedback, and we look forward to a very long term relationship with you.

Kindest Regards

Sterling and Bond


I have been getting my 14% returns.



I would also like to add here that I have received my returns as well on time from a VOIP investment that they recommended, they always get back to me with any questions I may have. They also answer all my calls and I would say I am a happy customer with.

Sterling And Bond - Sterling & Bond scam


There is a lot articles about this company also a few where they defend that they have no connection to Capital Alternatives. This is confusing when the CEO Keith Millhench is also the director of Premier Alternatives and Curzon commodities. Andrew Nash of Zest Recruitment claims he is the Managing Director.

..So Mr Nash, can you please give me my money back or get my money back from your colleagues, shouldn't be that hard they are all sitting next to you.

If this is the case Mr Nash that you somehow have come to be in charge, can you please explain the following because an accountant friend of mine thinks your product is absolutely rubbish because it doesn’t make any sense.

I invested almost £19,500 in 10 acres of African Land with a senior manager at Capital Alternatives Kristan Gander. I never received any return from the investment. After nearly two years of nil returns I was offered a chance to swap my investment into 20 Hectares of a Gola Carbon Project if I invested a further £5,500. I was promised a return from the Gola project within 3 months. I agreed and paid over my £5,500. As readers have probably guessed I never received any return from the Gola project so now I am down by £25,000.

I passed my investment details to the FCA along with my experiences of Capital Alternatives.

Now out of the blue I get a call from your colleague at Sterling & Bond who wants me to invest a further £25,000 into your project Voiptel with an explanation that you can afford to do this because you will take on my carbon credits and give them a value of £25,000 so I would be getting £50,000 of value in Voiptel. I am confused how you know all the details of my original investment - and even who I invested with!

I showed this to an accountant friend and he cannot see how on earth Sterling & Bond can possibly be legitimate.

See figures I was offered:

Initial investment Africa Land £19,500 and swapped into carbon credits.

Extra investment of £5,500 into carbon credits

Total investment £25,000

Reinvest a further £25,000 into Voiptel

Total Investment that Sterling and Bond agree will now be £50,000 into Voiptel

You say you will guarantee me 13% after 18 months which is a payout of £6,500

And then I get my initial payment back of £50,000.

It has been said that salesmen get 16% commission at Sterling & Bond which is a commission payout of £8000

So from £25,000 you are going to have a net sum of £17,000. Then Voiptel will use that money to pay me £56,500. That means that Voiptel can make a profit for me of more than 200%. It is rubbish.

So Andrew Nash, show us how you can make more than 200% for me AND make money for Voiptel AND make money for Sterling & Bond. How can you explain me that the brokers seem to get a higher commission than that of the investors annual return. I have given your details to DIFC who with no doubt will investigate this further. YOU think you are out of reach from the FCA! It is financially ridiculous to think that you are not operating a SCAM.



This is a solid investment, I have had no issues and I can say this based on the returns that I have been getting. Most of the claims made above seems to be factitious. These guys have brilliant customer services and have been really good to me along with paying my returns on time.


I am a new investor with Sterling and Bond and can say that I have been receiving my returns on a regular basis. Initially I was sceptical as well but they have not let me down. The guys over there get back to me regularly and are always responding to my emails if I have any questions.

New York, New York, United States #900445

I don't agree with these calculations from what I know about the VoIP market. I sold my VOIP business for over £100m so I think I am a pretty good judge.

The margin on VoIP varies but is around 30-70% depending on the length of the contract and the strength of the covenant which the counterparties commands.

Two things which you have got wrong:

The new money in the deal is 50% of the total not 20% as you have suggested. That is unrealistic. My swap was for 60% of the total value in new cash. Your assertion of 20% is total rubbish.

Your second anomaly is 16% for the sales guys.

That is fiction. The figure is closer to 5%.

So based on your investment of £19,500 So new money would need to be £29,250 Total £48,750 The margin on the cash element of the deal £29k based on a realistic 50% pa (these contracts are for 18 months so the margin is 75%) Profit for VoIP company is £22k which added to your cash investment equates to £51k. Less the commission of 5% on the cash element £1k. So that is a net of £50k.

So there is a £1,250 profit in it. Sterling and Bond has made it abundantly clear that these 'swaps' are being done as a loss leader to increase its client base. As we can see above there is a loss but not a big one so there is a playable theory behind the madness. To answer the question, how did they get hold of my details?

God knows but they got hold of mine and I am glad they did as I am now receiving an income from a good product and have done for the last 4 months. These guys are buying and seeking data all the time. Whilst I am slightly sympathetic to the above the poster it is quite obvious he is not qualified to comment and he has exaggerated certain points which has allowed him to make a point but not a good one. Apart from all the posts from ex CA clients, let's hear from investors in S&B.

Are there stories of losses from S&B clients or is this all about upset CA clients??? Happy to answer any more mathematical questions.

to Notforprofits London, England, United Kingdom #900474

Just read a post from an ex employee ( obviously a vindictive one!), there are no connection between S&B and Capital Alternatives. They have obviously acquired the client list from somewhere, but these things circulate so this doesn't mean a connection.

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Sterling And Bond - Commission Review from Bishops Stortford, Hertford

Bishops Stortford, Hertford
1 comment
With Company response

Used to work for this company, but they were offering us 16% commission and showing returns of 14% was out of there within 2 weeks! Definitely a scam! Angelica x


Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates #912747
Sterling and Bond Response

Dear Angelica, we do not have any record of you working in our office, we never pay our investment mangers 16% commission.

As you did not leave your full name or contact details on here we can not contact you.

Sterling And Bond - Unpaid employee

With Company response
Customer service
Diversity of Products or Services
Privacy and Data Security
Product or Service Quality

Do not invest your money with this company , they are as dodgy as they come, they offer 11% commission to their employees of the investors money which they never pay. They have no computers in their office and prey on unaware and easily manipulated genuine people collated from an obscure data source.

Their head is Andrew Nash who is a known scam artist in Dubai and affiliates are Nick Start and Adam Brown based in Dubai . Google them and you will see what *** artists they actually are .

They are rude and obnoxious and have no real interest in customers they deceive and use tacky boiler room style sales pitches to entice innocent people.... I doubt very much they will still be around in time to come.



When I saw String and Balls ( sorry Sterling & Bonds ) reply I could not stop laughing. Having forwarded it and others to the DPF they are now following up leads at their end for Nash and Brown. I already have Start's address in the UK so there will be a personal visit from the collectors there ( not the ones who write stiff letters )

Sterling and Bond Response

Dear Review 546552

We do not offer 11% to our Investment Managers, and we treat every client with the up most professionalism and with the highest customer service and compliance, we have very long relationships with our investors.

As you know we have contacted you through the right channels and we are prosecuting you as a individual under the UAE cyber crimes law 2012 .

UAE cyber crimes law 2012

Morality and proper conduct

A number of provisions are pointed at proper conduct. These include sanctions on using the internet for conduct that is disrespectful to Islam, as well as prohibitions on the use of the internet for activities that are otherwise inconsistent with public morals and good conduct.

In summary, these include using an IT System to: offend religious sanctities or encourage sins, provide ***, gambling activities, and other materials prejudicial to public morals, slander another person, and breach the privacy of another (eg. by intercepting communications, taking photographs, publishing information, etc.).


So you act like an unpaid employee and being their competition make this lame post. Its unfair and wrong and without facts. You have easily hidden your name and clearly not tried to do enough to even prove that your post is real.

I am getting returns from Sterling and Bond and their VOIP investment.


This looks like a post by a competitor per say! he is throwing director's names and thats it! no evidence here neither anything substantial.

London, England, United Kingdom #900470

Interesting comments.

I am sure you will get a good reference for the next position you apply for.....

Unfortunetaly most if these malicious posts are made by ex employees and competitors. It is a pity that these type of people are allowed a forum to air their grievances.

Interesting to know though that the company has no connection with capital alternatives which is what all the previous posts have suggested. It is quite obvious these people are just vindictive losers who have axes to grind.

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Sterling and Bond

Not resolved

I was also contacted. I did some research and it was very eye opening!

After they send me their sales brochure I googled some of the companies listed. the investment is in VOIP minutes (is this a thing??) via a company called - website created on 8th may 2014 according to whois.

you can see for yourself the claims made by people on pissedconsumer and motley fool.

I noticed ther business was looked after by red leaf business services. these are uk based with a man called Victor Falade as the director. if you follow this link you can see he is a former employee of capital alternatives.

google some more on his name and you get this link - and it links him to a lady called Diane Szalay who's name is repeatedly associated with capital alternatives.

Szalay Dubai leads you to a man called Gabor Szalay who seemingly, according to various internet opinions, ran Capital Alternatives as well as Provident Real Estate. His linkedon account mentions a company he directs that does "alternative investments".

Another guy called Steve Graham is also mentioned alongside Gabor Szalay - he was former AGT... perhaps that's where they got our numbers from?

I know I am speculating but Capital Alternatives no longer exists in Dubai (as far as I know), nor the UK. However one of their minions runs the back office for Sterling and Bond?

I'd rather invest my money betting that Sterling and Bond is Capital Alternatives by another name than invest into any of their schemes...

Not for me

Reason of review: Not as described.

Monetary Loss: $25000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.



It all Robin Berlyn!! He is the brains behind all of this.

He conned investors out of there money and dragged honest sales people into his web of lies.

He is now living in Dubai with a high profile lady...who's name I can disclose

Robin Berlyn has a lot to answer for. He is the brains behind capital Alternatives


I have been involved with these two utter clowns this year on what I thought was a legitimate business of theirs in Malta.

They wanted to get into Managed Accounts and failed to learn anything about the business.

Andrew cant sell, think or operate under any normal guise of business and Keith wants to be a boss but has no idea.

Constantly re calculating business projections makes you an *** not a boss,

Anyhow, they screwed me up and I am going to get them and I know how. What this space

to Anonymous #1132479



I know where these people are. Keith Milhench and Andrew Nash of Sterling Bond.

If anyone wants to know I will tell you. Contact and I will give you the information


I think some people don't have anything else to do and they go upon these blogs and write bad things about people to make them look bad.

I am a VOIP customer and been benefiting from the said returns.


I dont agree with what is being said above, I myself have been in business (cars) for a long long time and can say for sure that people use their contacts to do business, and if we work with someone who we know from the past does not make us bad.

I have my investment with them and can say easily that I am very happy working with them, the VOIP investment has made me returns.

Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates #900488

Capital - you clearly don't have a clue. Don't tell me someone at S&B didn't pay you because you were *** at your job?

I can tell you first hand Millhench does not run S&B.

Andrew Nash is the CEO who actually operated a successful company in Dubai for a number of years before this company. S&B is licensed and is sponsored by a local in Dubai. The company and it's history is transparent and there is no mention of Millhouse.

It bloody annoys me when I read this rubbish. I run a succesful real estate brokerage in UAE and it is a small world so this nonsense on this site is just pure malicious rubbish with no foundation.

Manchester, England, United Kingdom #900484


You sound like an intelligent individual. Have you actually lost money with S&B or are you one of those parasites who never invest in anything and spend your time making worthless posts. Do you have a job or were you made redundant as a cashier at Tesco?

Ipswich, Massachusetts, United States #900482

Woodforthetrees - it is quite obvious you have lost money through Capital Alternatives, is this the case?

James Boy - are you an ex employee or an investor in S&B? I am pretty sure you are not an investor but a competitor. Are you Robin Berlyn the wanted fraudster who is working with Chris Lang to promote his Redd Monitor scam??

Have one or both of you had any direct experience in investing with S&B?

I would love to know your grievance because it would appear to me as an independent observer you both have a grievance rather than having lost any money with S&B.

London, England, United Kingdom #892339

Jaknife and Jockey both commented on the same day and this looks suspiciously like Sterling and Bond people trying to put a positive spin on things. Why doesn't the person from Sterling and Bond give his name and tell us where we can find their office so we can check ?

Let us know who owns Sterling and Bond. Every single project offered by Capital Alternatives either failed or was found to be completely fake. This Voiptel project is no different and I am grateful for anyone who is prepared to put information out in public. As for the FCA being responsible for closing down a genuine investment I would say that they don't usually go after honest companies.

There is a lot of information on the web about African Land and the prices that we paid for our land. I can't find one single piece of information that says land in Sierra Leone is worth £1,000 an acre like they claimed. I was told that I was buying land that was really worth more than £2,000 an acre and I would make a big capital gain from day one. Now I see a report from Oakland Institute that says the land is only worth £5 an acre.

They were ripping us off from the start and if the FCA had acted sooner I wouldn't have been conned into investing.

to woodforthetrees Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates #900491

Is that you Berlyn? I hear you are on the run with your girlfriend?

London, England, United Kingdom #876447


the individuals at the top are Kristan Gander , Renwick Haddow , mark Ayres, Niick meade ,Marcia Hargous , Maria Barnard

The companies they operate are the following.

Capital alternatives

D&P sites (Is the main new company now)

CA Product & Marketing (Dubai) Able Alternatives (Dubai) Sterling & Bond (Dubai) UK airport land Kinsella & McCarthey Sterling international (Gibraltar) Capital Ideas Premier Alternatives Rough diamond trading ltd Crest commodities ltd Omni earth ltd Plantation asset Management African land Agri capital West African Palm OIL (Sierra Leone) Rooms to invest Capital mint Capital carbon credits Amazon/Gola /Australian Hawkesbury Consulting (Dubai) Vodacom (Bulgaria) Voip telecom(Dubai) Bambology group (Nicaragua)

to james boy #1080268

So many lies have been written here. I hear through the grapevine that the true conman that controlled capital alternatives and Platinum commodities ,Robin Beryln ,is now back in Dubai.

He is responsible for all of this. He has spread the lies and passed the buck onto innocent people whilst ripping investors off.

to Anonymous #1090370

I have also heard that Robin Berlyn is wanted in london for rape. He is a wanted man in London.

He beat up a 13 year old girl.... wonder if he is ever coming back???


sterling and bond is actually run by a guy call Keith Millhench (do your research) They are a subsidiary of capital alternatives

there licence registration number on there website is actually from another company so they arte ghosting.

the voip investment is a complete scam again research into it.


Sterling and Bond has no connection to capital alternative group. It also has never had any connection with Gabor Szalay or Steve Graham and they do not work within Sterling and Bond.

Should you have any questions please email

to Sterlingandbond1 #869199

Your company is not registered with the Financial Services Authority which means you are not a legitimate Financial Services organisation. You are just a bunch of parasites trying to steal peoples money.

to Anonymous #884447

Anonymous, I am an investor in VOIP through S&B. You are incorrect.

Just because a company does not hold a financial licence does not mean they are out to steal investor monies. There are numerous companies selling various financial products that usually include tangible assets which are not regulated. Look at Stanley Gibbons for instance. I have invested with them successfully as well.

I think you do need to be cautious when investing in the alternative market and you need to do your own DD but if you rule it out then you are doing yourself a disservice. Unfortunetaley there are many sharks out there and I can see why people are very cautious, I have been burnt on carbon by AGT for instance. I have also read the concerns of the other posters and can see the scepticism, however having done my research there is no connection between Capital Alternatives and Sterling and Bond.

My experience has been a positive one and I have yet to find a negative one who has actually invested through S&B. Time will tell but to my knowledge no one has lost any money on this investment.

to JakNife #884471

I totally agree JakNife. I have been misold carbon (AGT) and also some agricultural land (Capital Alternatives) but I never invest more than a few thousand in any one investment.

You have to spread your risks. With the agricultural land, I actually received returns from this investment and I lay the blame with the FCA for losing my investment not the promotors. I visited the farm and I was actually impressed with the set up. I am an investor with S&B and to date I have received returns on time and the level of service has been pretty faultless.

There was a change in broker once for my account but the quality of staff has been good and it was not a high pressure sale. It would be interesting to hear from actual investors rather than people who hold a grudge for one reason or another.

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