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I normally write about my experience with regulated markets and entities but I have decided to pick the alternative investments market and a particular firm that I have had amazing experience with called "Sterling and Bond".

Firstly its important to understand an alternative investment which is a very different type of investment class and it is different from your traditional stocks, shares and bond. This market comprises of projects and ideas that are non traditional and can help investors make money and in many cases beat the market per say.

I came across them when looking to put some of my savings in other more meaningful ways to invest and found their company. At beginning I had doubt about them but slowly started build relations with the manager assigned to me and his manager whom I also spoke very frequently (due to privacy concerns I am not mentioning names). To better cover my experience with them I have decided to break it down into three key areas which below I have tried to cover in three different paragraphs.

Customer Services: Firstly the very first area I would like cover is the brilliant customer services I got from the word 'GO'. Initially correspondence was all based on the phone and later emails. The response time was unbelievably quick and all of my emails were responded in detail answering all my concerns.

Investment Medium: The second important area was the medium they advised me of investing into the VOIP investment. It has been great for me they have managed to make me returns on all the intervals they promised me to and never has a return been late, I did not expect them to beat my other investments in-terms of returns but they have been regular and paying on-time.

Ongoing Relation like a Family: Finally the most key important area has been me being able to constantly speak with them and get feedback even on matters that sometimes are not directly related to their product and are at times other products. Their honesty and service has won my heart.

My Rating to them out of five: 4.5

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lol what a load of bollocks I had an interview with this company, full on boiler room scam ran by two idiots. They offered me the job and I obviously turned it down.

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