There is a lot articles about this company also a few where they defend that they have no connection to Capital Alternatives. This is confusing when the CEO Keith Millhench is also the director of Premier Alternatives and Curzon commodities. Andrew Nash of Zest Recruitment claims he is the Managing Director.

..So Mr Nash, can you please give me my money back or get my money back from your colleagues, shouldn't be that hard they are all sitting next to you.

If this is the case Mr Nash that you somehow have come to be in charge, can you please explain the following because an accountant friend of mine thinks your product is absolutely rubbish because it doesn’t make any sense.

I invested almost £19,500 in 10 acres of African Land with a senior manager at Capital Alternatives Kristan Gander. I never received any return from the investment. After nearly two years of nil returns I was offered a chance to swap my investment into 20 Hectares of a Gola Carbon Project if I invested a further £5,500. I was promised a return from the Gola project within 3 months. I agreed and paid over my £5,500. As readers have probably guessed I never received any return from the Gola project so now I am down by £25,000.

I passed my investment details to the FCA along with my experiences of Capital Alternatives.

Now out of the blue I get a call from your colleague at Sterling & Bond who wants me to invest a further £25,000 into your project Voiptel with an explanation that you can afford to do this because you will take on my carbon credits and give them a value of £25,000 so I would be getting £50,000 of value in Voiptel. I am confused how you know all the details of my original investment - and even who I invested with!

I showed this to an accountant friend and he cannot see how on earth Sterling & Bond can possibly be legitimate.

See figures I was offered:

Initial investment Africa Land £19,500 and swapped into carbon credits.

Extra investment of £5,500 into carbon credits

Total investment £25,000

Reinvest a further £25,000 into Voiptel

Total Investment that Sterling and Bond agree will now be £50,000 into Voiptel

You say you will guarantee me 13% after 18 months which is a payout of £6,500

And then I get my initial payment back of £50,000.

It has been said that salesmen get 16% commission at Sterling & Bond which is a commission payout of £8000

So from £25,000 you are going to have a net sum of £17,000. Then Voiptel will use that money to pay me £56,500. That means that Voiptel can make a profit for me of more than 200%. It is rubbish.

So Andrew Nash, show us how you can make more than 200% for me AND make money for Voiptel AND make money for Sterling & Bond. How can you explain me that the brokers seem to get a higher commission than that of the investors annual return. I have given your details to DIFC who with no doubt will investigate this further. YOU think you are out of reach from the FCA! It is financially ridiculous to think that you are not operating a SCAM.

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This is a solid investment, I have had no issues and I can say this based on the returns that I have been getting. Most of the claims made above seems to be factitious. These guys have brilliant customer services and have been really good to me along with paying my returns on time.


I am a new investor with Sterling and Bond and can say that I have been receiving my returns on a regular basis. Initially I was sceptical as well but they have not let me down. The guys over there get back to me regularly and are always responding to my emails if I have any questions.

New York, New York, United States #900445

I don't agree with these calculations from what I know about the VoIP market. I sold my VOIP business for over £100m so I think I am a pretty good judge.

The margin on VoIP varies but is around 30-70% depending on the length of the contract and the strength of the covenant which the counterparties commands.

Two things which you have got wrong:

The new money in the deal is 50% of the total not 20% as you have suggested. That is unrealistic. My swap was for 60% of the total value in new cash. Your assertion of 20% is total rubbish.

Your second anomaly is 16% for the sales guys.

That is fiction. The figure is closer to 5%.

So based on your investment of £19,500 So new money would need to be £29,250 Total £48,750 The margin on the cash element of the deal £29k based on a realistic 50% pa (these contracts are for 18 months so the margin is 75%) Profit for VoIP company is £22k which added to your cash investment equates to £51k. Less the commission of 5% on the cash element £1k. So that is a net of £50k.

So there is a £1,250 profit in it. Sterling and Bond has made it abundantly clear that these 'swaps' are being done as a loss leader to increase its client base. As we can see above there is a loss but not a big one so there is a playable theory behind the madness. To answer the question, how did they get hold of my details?

God knows but they got hold of mine and I am glad they did as I am now receiving an income from a good product and have done for the last 4 months. These guys are buying and seeking data all the time. Whilst I am slightly sympathetic to the above the poster it is quite obvious he is not qualified to comment and he has exaggerated certain points which has allowed him to make a point but not a good one. Apart from all the posts from ex CA clients, let's hear from investors in S&B.

Are there stories of losses from S&B clients or is this all about upset CA clients??? Happy to answer any more mathematical questions.

to Notforprofits London, London, United Kingdom #900474

Just read a post from an ex employee ( obviously a vindictive one!), there are no connection between S&B and Capital Alternatives. They have obviously acquired the client list from somewhere, but these things circulate so this doesn't mean a connection.

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